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Curtis, Inc. releases higher capacity 3.5" HyperXCLR DRAM Solid State Disks

Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 23, 2007 - Curtis, Inc., manufacturer of the World's Fastest 3.5" form factor Solid State Disks(SSDs), today announced that its HyperXCLR Solid State Disk, is available in 12GB capacity with disk backup and 18GB capacity volatile.

The HyperXCLR is a 3.5" Fibre Channel Solid State Disk and is form factor compatible with standard mechanical 3.5" Fibre Channel disk drives. The form factor and fibre interface compatibility allows the HyperXCLR to be used as a direct replacement (plug and play) for slower mechanical disks providing immediate performance improvements to user applications. The HyperXCLR is based on DRAM technology providing unlimited write cycles and write performance characteristics unachievable with FLASH based SSD technology. The HyperXCLR provides a highly reliable integrated data retention system using a rugged mechanical disk and dual redundant battery system. Since the HyperXCLR is a form factor (3.5" hard disk) compatible device, it is the ideal choice for creating scalable and reliable Solid State Storage in standard off the shelf servers and storage systems.

Solid State Disks are typically used in transaction intensive environments such as online trading, OLTP databases, data warehousing, video editing and tiered (ILM) storage systems. Curtis customers deploying HyperXLCR SSDs have seen from 10x to 500x improvements in application performance and dramatic improvements from user experience perspective.

About Curtis, Inc.
Curtis, Inc. (www.curtisssd.com) is a leading supplier of solid state storage accelerator products, with two decades of experience in providing solid state disks (SSDs) on a worldwide basis. Curtis SSDs are used by end users and OEMs worldwide to increase the performance of storage systems in transaction intensive applications. Curtis has been in business for over twenty years; and with over 30,000 installations worldwide. Curtis manufactures and produces proprietary SSDs according to ISO 9001-2000 standards to ensure the quality and reliability that our customers deserve. All of Curtis Inc. products are designed and manufactured in the USA.


Michael Langan
Curtis, Inc.


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