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Curtis Release Higher Capacity 3.5" HyperXLCR...


Curtis is the established and sustainable architect and designer of patent pending solid state technology for a wide range of applications. Our mission is to deliver secure, reliable, and powerful Solid State infrastructure components that will enhance application performance cost effectively. Curtis accomplishes this through our patent pending Nitro! line of products, which are available in SCSI or Fibre interfaces, as well as wide range of capacities and differing form factors.

Any existing magnetic drive is that is deployed can be replaced by a higher performing, more reliable, and cost effective drive from Curtis. Curtis patent pending Solid State drives retain their value, as Curtis drives can be continually redeployed as company infrastructure is modified or changed.

Curtis is a Sustainable Company
Curtis has been involved in every major aspect of the computing industry for the past two decades. During this period, we have been consistently profitable, and have provided a high level of support for our customers.

Curtis is a Technology Company of the Future
The theoretical speed of information transfer for traditional magnetic disks is 100 times slower than present Curtis Solid State technology. Curtis has engineered significant cost savings in Solid State technology recently, thus making high performing technology affordable.

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