Curtis patent pending products are available either as a module that can be placed directly into your existing server or storage system, or as a standalone /desktop system that is recognized by your network.

Both products are available in Fibre, SATA or SCSI, take less than ? hour to install, and are recognized instantly by your existing Operating System, Volume Manager, or Storage Resource Manager.

  High Performance Drive Modules
Curtis High Performance drive modules come in a variety of capacities, and form factors and in full battery and disk backup making the data non-volatile.

Curtis Modules are designed to interface directly inside your backplane, and are managed as a LUN as is any HDD add on.

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Nitro!XE   High Performance Systems
Curtis High Performance Solid State storage systems are rack mounted Curtis modules that can be combined in capacities of 8GB to 3.75TB in either Fibre or SCSI Host interfaces.

This enterprise class solution will facilitate your Storage Area Network performance, and is managed externally by your existing OS and resource managers.

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