High Value SystemHigh Value 2U Industrial Computer System from ISI
The ISI 2U industrial computer system is a standard product designed for a large number of standard industrial and ATE applications requiring a low space profile. This system utilizes the latest Intel? chipset technology and is designed for a product lifetime greater than five years. The system is designed for value and has high reliability features such as filtered, high volume cooling and high reliability ATX power supplies. eCancelThis is a full-featured system with three PCI slots, versatile IO and storage options. The motherboard incorporates the latest Intel? video graphics tailored to the industrial environment.

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 Download High Value 2U System Specifications (45kb)


Physical Dimensions (WxDxH)
19"x20.8"x3.5" (2U)

Front Panel
Power, HDD and Fan/Alarm LEDs
Replaceable Front cooling system filter
HDD and DVD/CD access
Two USB ports
Power and reset switches

Available Standard Drive Bays
Two internal 3.5" Drives
One 3.5" Drive
One 5.25" Drive

System cooling with two - 80mm internal fans
Oversize CPU cooling fan
Internal ATX supply cooling fan

Operating Temperature5 to 50?C
CloseEdit FileWhen finished, click Save or Cancel below. Change PermissionsReadWriteExecuteUserGrou Storage Temperature-20 to 85?C
Non-Condensing Humidity10 to 90%

Power Supply
100-240V, 400W autoranging ATX supply standard. 12, 24 and 48VDC supplies available

Computer Options
Motherboard w/5PCI slots or PICMG SBC
Intel? Core? 2 Quad and Core Duo processors
Other Pentium?-based or AMD processor configurations available
Integrated graphic processors or optional external video options
Support for up to four SATA devices & RAID0/1/5/10
Floppy disk and EIDE support
SCSI, SAS or FC interface options available
Ethernet support for two-GigE ports standard. Additional ports optional
Multiple USB ports available. Four ports standard. More ports available
Two RS-232 ports standard. One parallel port standard most configurations. Serial port(s) configurable to RS422/485
Audio interface standard
PS/2 keyboard and mouse support
Compact Flash SSD support most configurations

I/O Expansion Capabilities
Motherboard configuration ? 6PCI or 5PCI/1ISA slots, 1 x16PCIe slot
7PCI/1 SBC/6 ISA backplane standard for SBC. Many PCIe, PCI and ISA BP configurations available ? contact factory for additional configurations

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